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High power electromagnetics, Micro-ondes de forte puissance

High power electromagnetics

Since optical full dielectric electric-field probes allow the instantaneous measurement (single shot signal) of MV/m peak electric field strength with a temporal resolution < 10 ps under extreme conditions (vacuum, high pressure, liquids, ionizing radiation), KAPTEOS solution meets the needs of High Power ElectroMagnetics (HPEM) characterization and ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) measurement for defense and scientific research for intense laser-plasma interactions.

KAPTEOS has conducted many studies and manufactured numerous systems on behalf of its clients: HPEM characterization for defense, measurement of the E-field generated by electromagnetic weapons, characterization of EMP generated by intense PW laser-plasma interaction in harsh environment with X and γ rays.

They use KAPTEOS technology for their R&D

List of publications

" Accurate spectra for high energy ions by advanced time‐of‐flight diamond‐detector schemes in experiments with high energy and intensity lasers "

Scientific Reports

University La Sapienza, Rome (IT)
INRS-EMT, Québec (CA)
ENEA, Frascati (IT)
University of Rome, Rome (IT)
INFN-LNF, Frascati (IT)
University of Pisa, Pisa (IT)
GoLP, Lisbon (PT)
INFN of Pisa, Pisa, I(IT)
INFN Sezione di Roma, Rome (IT)
Racah Institute of Physics, Jerusalem (IL)


" Electromagnetic Compatibility of a Railgun Implemented on a Warship "

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

​ISL, Saint-Louis (FR)


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