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High voltage measurement

Since optical electric-field probes allow the measurement of strong electric field, both continuous wave (CW) and transient (lightning strikes and surge voltages), safely and under extreme conditions (vacuum, high pressure, oil immersion), KAPTEOS solution meets the needs of electric field measurements and diagnostic for high voltage measurement inside equipment.


KAPTEOS has conducted many studies and manufactured numerous systems on behalf of its clients: characterization of dV/dt on power electronics components, electric-field mapping on new or active equipment, partial discharge assessment, dielectric barrier discharge measurements and characterization of electrical discharges such as lightning (1 MV, 40 kA).


Discover KAPTEOS technology on video

Find here a video of KAPTEOS technology allowing the measurement of dielectric barrier discharge.

DBD characterization
Video DBD
They use KAPTEOS technology for their R&D

List of publications

"Stretched grid finite difference method for computation of electric field in composite insulators with defects"

Electric Power Systems Research

University of Alabama, Huntsville (US)


"Method for Localization Aerial Target in AC Electric Field Based on Sensor Circular Array"


​ University of Science and Technology, Kunming (CN)

Chongqing University, Chongqing (CN)
Yunnan Power Grid Electric Power Research Institute of LLC, Kunming (CN)



"Prediction of flashover voltage using electric field measurement on clean and polluted insulators"

Electrical Power and Energy Systems

NR Electric Co., Nanjing (CN)
University of Alabama, Huntsville (US)


"Experimental Investigation of the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of the Tangential and Normal E‐Field Components along the Stress Grading System of a Real Stator Bar"


MODEL, Chicoutimi (CA)
IREQ, Varennes (CA)


"Impact of superficial and internal defects on electric field of composite insulators"

Electrical Power and Energy Systems

University of Alabama, Huntsville (US)


"Assessment of the condition of anti-corona coatings present on the stator bars of alternators by electric field mapping"

Gbah KONE Ph.D. Thesis

University of Quebec, Chicoutimi (CA)


"New Method for in Live-Line Detection of Small Defects in Composite Insulator Based on Electro-Optic E-Field Sensor"

IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation

University of Quebec, Chicoutimi (CA)


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